“Lost” and Found Art

Here are the “Lost” and Found Art Guidelines

Include this little explanation with your “Lost” Art:

Just to brighten your day!
A Saddlebrooke Fine Arts Guild artist “lost” this art–on purpose– for YOU to find and bring a ray of sunshine your way!
What will you do with it? Frame it? Give it away? Leave it for others to find?
Please send an email to FoundArt@sbfag.club and send us a photo of what you do with your new piece of art, tell us where you found it, and anything else you would like to mention.
Enjoy your original art!

Click here for a PDF copy to print of this blurb.

“Lost” and Found Art Gallery

“Finders” comments:

“Thank you for this amazing art! My mom saw it and pointed it out and I read, I was surprised and amazed at this deed. Thank you!”

“Good afternoon,
My name is Angel I work for IMPACT of Southern Arizona and I have found your “lost” art work. We will be placing it in our food bank grocery store as a household item and give the opportunity to give it to one of our clients. We appreciate this creative and neat idea you guys are doing. It definitely brighten my day.
Thank you
Best regards Angel”

So I work at Circle k up in catalina, and a customer came in and said that they found this in the parking lot, at frist i thought nothing of it other than how beautiful it was, then as time went on, i took a good look at it and saw what the note on the back said, this really made my day and im definitely going to keep it, its absolutely beautiful, i love the way it was made, thank you so much to whomever made this, i appreciate you and hope you have an absolutly amazing day

Good afternoon!
   I was in my home from a Nursing school exam and stopped at the dollar tree in Oro Valley. I was stopping to pick up some decorations for my little girls’ birthday party (twins). When I came out, this beautiful painting was in a cart next to my car!   I was already having a good day and this made it even better! My husband said he’d make a frame for it to hang up in our dining or maybe living room!    I can imagine sitting on that rock and catching fish in the morning right before the sun comes up. Have a lovely day!