Delys Nast

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Delys Nast is a graphic designer on the outside, an insatiable artist on the inside. As the daughter of an artist, and granddaughter of a sculptor, Delys grew up with pastels in one hand and brushes in the other. Not afraid to get her fingers muddy with clay or dyed brown from mahogany wood stain, Delys was given the freedom to explore any creative outlet she could imagine. 

Growing up in her Minnesota home filled with pets, outdoor adventures and artistic expression, her yearning to combine the love of animals with her passion for nature in an expression of creativity has evolved into many diverse skills across several types of media. From painting; to neon; woodworking; jewelry; lapidary… this list goes on and on and keeps growing. Creative nurturing gave her the desire to explore life with an eye for color, composition and the overall impact of how our visual surroundings make us feel every day. 

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