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Focus on new SaddleBrooke resident Kelly Caleb

Dawn Price | Published on 3/1/2023

Kelly Caleb moved to SaddleBrooke in August, 2022, from Portland, Oregon. She came to the area with her husband, to be closer to family, and they actually found a home just 6 houses down from her father and step-mom! You can see them out and about with their dog, Harold, and her parents’ dog, Freckles. Born in Southern California, Kelly considered herself a tom-boy growing up. She didn’t really do art or crafts as a kid. She was more of an explorer.
It wasn’t until after college that she started to discover her creative side. She found her people when she started hanging out with a knitting group. From there, she met fiber spinners at Fiber Festivals, and her interest blossomed. She doesn’t consider herself an artist in the traditional sense, but she definitely has many talents, including weaving, fabric and fiber dyeing, knitting, and creating amazing bead-work.
While Kelly had always wanted to learn to paint, she never had the time to take formal classes. Since moving to SaddleBrooke, she has been taking advantage of the more traditional art offerings that the Fine Arts Guild presents. “The classes are so accessible, and easy to get to!” she says. Although she still works full time as an Engineering Manager, with mostly ten hour days, she tries to squeeze in something creative at least once a week, even if it’s a small endeavor. “I do attend the Fiber Arts Club meetings twice a month, which gets me some crafting exposure, and I attend classes with the Fine Arts Guild when I can.” She is inspired by learning new techniques that help her progress. “I’m learning to use watercolors, and I like it, but I’m also exploring other mediums, like fiber and fabric. I don’t think I’ve found a favorite yet!”
Asked if anything frustrates her, she responds “Mainly lack of time! Not being able to spend enough time means it takes longer to get comfortable when trying something new, and I don’t get to explore various options.” For now, Kelly is enjoying many of the art opportunities available through the Guild, and looks forward to getting even more involved once she retires. Her advice for anyone interested in learning to be creative is “Try a variety of classes. Explore areas you haven’t done before to see if it sparks a new passion!”
To learn more about classes and activities hosted by the SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild, visit them online, at Wine and Art events and Art Sampler classes are held periodically throughout the year. Check the online schedule for dates and times.

Kelly Caleb shows some of her watercolor paintings completed in Guild classes, as well as other creations, such as pin weavings, hand dyed fabrics and custom beadwork.