Maxine Ranicke

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Think of my paintings as short stories primarily about people or animals interacting with each other or their environment. If I get it right the story is easy reading for the viewer.

It all started as a 12 year old kid taking art lessons from an artist and old family friend, Maurice Kidgel, in his tiny shack of a studio on the windward side of O’ahu. Since then I have had classes at Cornish Art Institute, The New School of Visual Art, The Factory, University of Washington, Kirkland Art Center and for the last seven years workshops and classes through the SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild.

I began painting in oil about ten years ago and each new painting brings me closer to the loose impressionistic style I am working to achieve. In 2003 my entry was accepted into at large juried show in Seattle and it sold ... I was thrilled!

Now each sale makes me grateful to think others enjoy living with my art.