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I studied painting and graphic design at Wayne State University in Detroit and managed to get three years in before being drafted into the army during the Korean war. After leaving the service, I got a job as an apprentice artist in a Detroit art studio. A dollar-an-hour job, but it was a start and I loved it.

Gradually I worked my way up the food chain at various ad agencies and art studios in and around Detroit and Ann Arbor as a graphic designer and art director. All in all, I put in over 50 years designing everything from car catalogs, logos, etc., to large free-standing convention displays. Whenever I had a spare moment, I would paint.

Acrylics and oils are my preferred mediums. My subject matter seems to gravitate to the figurative side, although I have done a collection of small bird paintings. I try to squeeze in some landscapes and still lifes now and then.

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