Mary Bubla

Title: "DIPTYEH #1"

Bubla email:

Having moved to SaddleBrooke in 2003, I was able to finally pursue my love of art.

As a mother of three and an art teacher at the elementary and junior high school, I had limited time to create art of my own.

I joined the Art Guild and enrolled in classes with outstanding instructors in the mediums of watercolor, pastel and acrylic.

Learning the new technique of "Pouring" with watercolor has been my greatest inspiration. My introduction to painting the Arizona landscape and use of rice paper has been very enlightening. Some of my most successful paintings are applying acrylic over watercolor.

One of my previous art forms I taught my junior high students was "Scarabocchio"-Italian for doodle. I will be teaching this form of art in an Art Guild class.

As you can surmise, I am excited about many different art forms and techniques.

Art Work by Mary Bubla