Jim Morris

Title: "5 Mexican Pots" Media: Watercolor Size: 16x20
Title: "1508D CLINTON"

Morris email:  morris@saddlebrooke.me

web page:  www.jimmorris.gallery

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After moving to SaddleBrooke in 2009 I attended the ‘I can’t draw a stick figure’ event which intrigued me. I decided if I was to get into painting I needed to get the basics down first, so I worked on my drawing skills with Laurie Brussel, a wonderful instructor, for a little over a year before concentrating on oil and acrylic painting. Once again I have found something to be passionate about. To my way of thinking there are three stages of art a person goes through; student, painter and artist. At this time I am only a beginning painter (or perhaps an advanced student) not an artist. To call yourself an artist requires paying your dues; You must have the heart and imagination for the medium; you must be able to put that spark that is you into your work.


Art Work by Jim Morris




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