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     The SBFAG lending library is located in the Topaz Room. All books have been donated by Guild members or SaddleBrooke residents. Any Guild member is welcome to take a book (one or more), home to use for one month. We ask that you sign out your book(s) in the notebook provided. We need your name, phone number, email, date removed, and which book(s) you're taking.

We now have a ibararian who will be calling or emailing you when it's time to return your book IF you haven't already returned it.

Please mark your own calendar for one month when you do check out a book. If you return it before the month, you may cross out your name in the notebook, noting it's return date. Otherwise, please do the same if you return the book(s) at a month. If you forget to bring it back, expect a call or an email from our librarian, Jill Jepson!

     If you have art instruction books to donate, we welcome them.

 Acrylics:  Acrylics & Gouache Artist’s Handbook
Acrylics:  Discover the Joy of Acrylic Painting
Anatomy:  Cyclopedia Anatomicae
Animals:  Drawing & Painting Animals
Animals:  How to Draw Animals
Cacti - The Flowering Plant
Chinese Brush Painting
Colors:  Artist's Guide to Selecting Color
Colors:  Artist's Guide to Using Color
Colors:  Painter's Guide to Color
Creative Artist
Drawing & Painting - Essential Techniques
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Flowers in Watercolor
Framing:  Encyclopedia of Picture Framing Techniques
Impressionists:  Creating Landscapes in Oil
Impressionists:  Painting Landscapes
Indian Designs
Japanese Brush Painting
Landscapes:  Classic Techniques for Watercolor
Landscapes:  Creating Watercolor Landscapes Using Photographs
Landscapes:  Intimate Landscapes with Watercolor
Landscapes:  Painting Landscapes with Watercolor
Landscapes:  Painting Watercolor Landscapes
Oil Painting:  Guided Lessons
Oil Painting:  For the Serious Beginner
Oil Painting:  Project Book for Beginners
Painting with the White of Your Paper
Pastels:  Creative Painting with Pastels
Pastels:  Painting Nature in Pastels
Perspective Drawing Handbook
Plein Air Painting in Watercolor
Seeing the Light - An Artist's Guide
Sketching:  The Urban Sketcher - Techniques for Drawing
Skin Tone - How to Paint
Successful Portrait Painting
Watercolor:  By Design
Watercolor:  By Design - Creative Directions
Watercolor:  Creating Textures
Watercolor:  Painting Mood & Atmosphere
Watercolor:  Painting Nature's Hidden Treasure - Advanced Techniques
Watercolor:  The Tao Watercolor
Watercolor:  Watercolorists at Wor



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