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     The SBFAG lending library is located in the Topaz Room. All books have been donated by Guild members or SaddleBrooke residents. Any Guild member is welcome to take a book (one or more), home to use for one month. We ask that you sign out your book(s) in the notebook provided. We need your name, phone number, email, date removed, and which book(s) you're taking.

We now have a ibararian who will be calling or emailing you when it's time to return your book IF you haven't already returned it.

Please mark your own calendar for one month when you do check out a book. If you return it before the month, you may cross out your name in the notebook, noting it's return date. Otherwise, please do the same if you return the book(s) at a month. If you forget to bring it back, expect a call or an email from our librarian, Jill Jepson!

     If you have art instruction books to donate, we welcome them.




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