Annual Guild Contest

One Image No Limits

The theme for the 2022 Guild Contest is “Sonoran Desert Life”. The photo chosen for this theme was submitted by guild member, Janet Frost. The submitted art MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE ELEMENT FROM THE PHOTO PROVIDED that is easily identifiable as coming from the provided photo. (Sky and dirt don’t count, folks!)

Deadline for art submission is Arpil 30th. The winners will be presented at the May General Meeting, Tuesday May 3, 2022.

Please note this important information for contest entrants:

  1.  Bring your art entry to the Topaz room between 10 and noon on April 30th, 2022, for intake.
  2. Make sure your signature on the front is hidden by a piece of paper or some other means
  3. Make sure you write the TITLE of your artwork on the paper covering your signature! The judge isn’t allowed to see names but Titles are allowed!
  4. Make sure you have your total information on the back of the artwork to be brought to the front of the artwork after judging (ie, your name, title, price, contact info).
  5. IMPORTANT: All contest entrants should bring a 2nd piece of artwork to be hung at the Roadrunner Gallery. This piece will NOT be judged but used if we have space available for more artwork. There are 36 spots in the Gallery and we want to fill them all.  This is not a guarantee that your second piece will be hung, however; but a good possibility. So, for instance, if we have 36 entries, then we don’t need the 2nd pieces. But if we have 26 entries, then we need 10 more pieces.
  6. Awards will be announced and presented at the May 3rd General Meeting.
  7. The Judge is not allowed to have an entry into the show and will judge the show “blind” to the identity of the artist.
  8. Artists will be notified to come to the Topaz room to pick up their second piece of non-judged art if it’s not needed for hanging in the Roadrunner Gallery. 
  9. Going to be out of town on April 30th but have a piece to enter? Make sure it’s ready to hang and ask a friend or a board member of the Guild to bring it in for you on April 30.

For all the details: Guild Contest Guidelines